The swim will be a point-to-point cross-channel swim in the waters of the Pakiputan Channel. Race day is scheduled on a day wherein based on tides and current patterns, the course will not be too hard and not too easy. However, this will still be dependent on the weather on race day (wind, rain, etc.). The swim course will have buoy lines on both sides with the support of small boats every 100-200 meters, as well as jet skis and kayaks surrounding and going around the race course.


The bike will be a two-loop course on Circumferential Road with short manageable climbs, which mean athletes will also go downhill in some portions. Athletes can enjoy the sea breeze and a scenic view of the sea as they ride along the 40km course.


The run will be an out-and-back course along Circumferential Road. The course is all concrete with fresh air provided by the greenery surrounding the course. Portions of the course will be unshaded so athletes should prepare for the heat come race day.

Course Maps

Course maps as of January 25, 2017. Course maps may change without prior notice.

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