Race Day: April 23, 2017








We are looking forward to host the 6th DURIANMAN Triathlon this April 23, 2017. This year, we’re grateful to renew our partnership with Visit Davao Fun Sale, our main partner for three years. We are working hand in hand with Visit Davao Fun Sale, and other partners, both private and public, to provide a safe and enjoyable race for everyone.

Thank you for visiting our website and we are excited to see you this April.

Jj Sarona

Overall Coordinator, DURIANMAN Triathlon

Our continued partnership with Visit Davao Fun Sale has greatly helped us in staging the best multisport events in the Davao Region. This 2017, be prepared for a bigger and better version of DURIANMAN.

See you in April!

Dolly Grace Yuste

President, Triathlon Association of Davao (TRIAD)

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